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The Today's Mama Podcast

Jul 10, 2018

Episode 1: Angela Santomero

Angela Santomero (Creator of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Blue Clues and Author of Preschool Clues etc.) We talk parenting, what pre-schoolers and teenagers have in common, pre-mourning, how to choose the best media for your kids, and how they secretly need us to burn it down (a.k.a set boundaries). We also find out what really happened to Steve from Blues Clues, all the women who had crushes on him, and what’s next for Blue and the gang!



More about and from Angela on!


Show Notes

What's Your Ratatouille?

Here's the famous clip from the movie Ratatouille:

The Daniel Tiger Song I Tried To Sing

TEDx Talk

I mentioned a talk I gave at a SLC TEDx event. The talk was all about asking questions and this is the quote I included Angela in that talk:

"I believe so strongly in the power of listening that it has been my underlying passion while creating high qulaity kids media. I include it in my shows for children through our interactive model in varying degrees. We pace our shows much slower and with pauses to let preschoolers think, from their thoughts, and answer back. Few believed that pausing on television would make such a different to preschoolers, but the positive results have been statistically proven. We have also heard from many adults that it has taught them, as well, to slow down and pause (listen) when they ask a question. Hurray!"


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